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Serving the public since 2007, Kredit Koncepts was created with one objective in mind: to help America recover from credit injustice. Our mission is to provide the necessary tools for self-empowerment, helping the financially motivated overcome the devastating effects of poor credit, poverty and unfair treatment.

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Empowering You with Loan Knowledge and Comparison Tools

We are dedicated to providing you with valuable services that simplify your loan search and empower you to make informed borrowing decisions. Our comprehensive range of services


Monthly Credit Builder

A service designed for basic credit cleanup, offering essential tools...


6 Month Credit Builder Plus

Whether you're looking to repair past financial missteps or enhance...


Business Credit Builder

Crucial for accessing financing, establishing vendor relationships, and securing favorable...


Equifax Complete Premier

Take control with a one-stop credit monitoring and identity theft...

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Your Credit. Your Control.

Our FREE consultation report provides an overview of your credit as potential lenders see it today. It lists the items that are negatively affecting your score and explains how we use the power of the law to improve your credit. It also includes a simple step-by-step plan for you to speed up the process.

  • Credit Score Basics
  • Your Credit Scores and Summary
  • Analysis of Your Accounts
  • An Overview of Our Process
Image Empowering To Support

Empowering Financial Futures with Education, Protection, and Community Support

Our holistic approach ensures that everyone has the opportunity to achieve financial success and build a secure future.


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Equifax Complete Premier

Identity Theft Insurance

  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Score Tracking
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Credit Report Lock


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Kid Kredit

Protecting Our Youth

  • Book: "Who Stole My Identity?"
  • BusyKid App
  • Visa Spend Card
  • Financial Literacy Curriculum
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Simplified Steps to Improve Your Credit

Our simple application of experience and innovation has allowed us to keep our promise to thousands of clients. Thank you for helping us maintain an A+ Rating.



Founded in 2007, Kredit Koncepts provides Credit Recovery, Credit Building, Credit Protection & Financial Literacy Education.


Best Industry Experts

Our advanced technology and Credit Education Centers combine the most innovative and practical approach to Financial Freedom.


Fast & Effective

Our Restore, Rebuild and Protect strategy provideds the fastest, most effective results for credit recovery.


Flexible Pricing

We are one of the most affordable services on the market. Please choose from our affordable monthly plans or six-month aggressive plans.

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Image Business Credit

Go from small to BIG by building business credit.

95% Of Business Owners Make This Mistake!!! Don’t Use Your Personal Credit to Support Your Business Build Your Company’s Business Credit

Two Profiles

Have the luxury of controlling two credit profiles (business and personal profile).


We will help you build a solid 80 PAYDEX Score equivalent to a 720 FICO score.

Start-Up Funding

Great for Start-ups or better for seasoned businesses.

DUNS Number

Business Credit is used under the business EIN (Tax ID #).



Loan 01
Loan 02


Loan 01

Loan 02

MORE: Learn about the pros and cons of a shorter-term mortgage or how to get preapproved for a mortgage.

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Empower Yourself with Accurate Loan Estimates

Our loan calculators are powerful tools designed to assist you in making informed financial decisions. Whether you're planning a major purchase, estimating monthly payments

  • Loan Payment Calculator
  • Amortization Calculator
  • Affordability Calculator
  • Interest Calculator
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Success Stories Shared by Our Customers

Start Today to Restore, Rebuild and Protect. Fixing your poor or insufficient credit is one of the best investments you can ever make for you and your family. To get on the road for a better quality of life, Take Action Today.


Quincy at Kredit Koncepts was great to work with. He has an incredible amount of knowledge to help you with your personal credit and business credit! Kredit Koncepts is the best to work with to get your personal and business credit in order. .

M Sudduth

Kredit Koncepts has been my go-to for all my credit needs for two years now. When I first started working with Quincy my credit was NOT good. A few months after working with Quincy, my credit score changed drastically and he made it easy to understand the process each step of the way. My credit is finally where it needs to be! I appreciate the great customer service and it’s nice to know I have a dependable company that I can rely on for my credit and financial needs.

Melanie Barber

When looking for a company to handle your most urgent needs in life, I found Kredit Koncepts handled my concerns in a prompt manner when it came to my credit issue they made me feel at ease knowing I was on my way to credit recovery. Able to track my progress and always able to ask questions and get results! Thanks Kredit Koncepts for getting me back on track!

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Get Our App for Easy Credit Management

Take advantage of our convenient mobile app to access our services anytime, anywhere. Download our app today and experience the ease of managing your credit profile.

  • Review Report
  • Secure and Private
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Monitor Progress
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Find Answers to Common Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick and helpful answers. If you have a question that is not addressed below

Kredit Koncepts provides a range of services including credit recovery, credit building, inquiry removal, seasoned tradelines, and business credit services. We also offer specialized packages for owning a home, buying a car, starting a business, getting out of debt, and securing a loan.

Start by scheduling a free consultation where we will analyze your credit reports from all three major bureaus and provide a personalized credit recovery plan.

Our credit recovery process involves analyzing your credit reports, removing negative items, and providing personalized strategies to improve your credit score.

Our credit recovery services typically show results within 30 to 45 days.

The Monthly Credit Builder focuses on basic credit cleanup with unlimited monthly disputes and credit monitoring. The Monthly Credit Builder Plus includes additional services like debt settlement assistance and 3-bureau score monitoring.

Seasoned tradelines add positive payment history and low credit utilization to your credit report, quickly enhancing your credit profile.

The Owning a Home Package includes credit analysis and repair, seasoned tradelines, mortgage preapproval assistance, tax preparation, explanation letters, bank comparable, and continuous credit monitoring.

The Starting a Business Package includes entity formation, credit builder plus, business credit building, seasoned tradelines, funding education, vendor and supplier relationships, and credit monitoring.

Our Inquiry Removal Service helps remove unwanted hard inquiries from your credit reports at all three major bureaus, which can improve your credit score.

In some cases, inquiries can be removed in as fast as 7 days.