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About Us

Kredit Koncepts is celebrating our sixteenth year helping Americans with credit recovery, credit building and credit protection. We have built a reputation for excellence by treating each client empathetically as we diligently work to increase their credit score. Our simple application of experience and innovation has allowed us to keep our promise to thousands of clients. Thank you for helping us maintain an A+ Rating

Founded in 2009 due to the global financial crisis, Kredit Koncepts has been diligently helping Americans build better credit profiles. Bad credit leads to being denied on loans, and leasing apps and could affect employment. Therefore, it was necessary to provide a service that assists with credit recovery and educates consumers on the United States credit system. We have achieved this and more.


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16 Years Of Experience
Founded in 2007, Kredit Koncepts Financial Service provides Credit Recovery, Credit Building, Credit Protection & Financial Literacy Education.
Best Industry Experts
Our advanced technology and Credit Education Centers combine the most innovative and practical approach to Financial Freedom.
Fast & Effective Solutions
Our Restore, Rebuild and Protect strategy provideds the faster, most effective results for credit recovery.
Flexible pricing
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Applied Innovation

2016 was the year of innovation for Kredit Koncepts, as we launched the 1st. Credit Education Center in New York City developed the first-of-its-kind Credit Kiosk (launching in spring of 2017) and created the KK Mobile App. Our Credit Center is located at 1175 Castle Hill Avenue in Bronx, New York. It is a beautiful retail location that provides community-driven solutions to the credit problem. We use the Credit Center to meet the community face-to-face and collaborate on empowering people for economic prosperity.

Our Packages

Poor or Insufficient credit has become a growing epidemic in America. Nearly a third of Americans have a credit score lower than 601 — the distinction between bad and fair credit — according to credit bureau Experian. If you suffer from poor credit, it is costing you more than you know. You are spending thousands of hard-earned money in higher interest and down payments. The fact is that 70% of all credit reports have errors on them and we are experts in identifying erroneous, inaccurate and unverifiable accounts.  

For those with challenged credit, we’ve developed a 3-tier approach.

Budget Software

Removing negative items, adding positive tradelines is only a part of establishing good credit. The other components involve discipline and money management. Our Reduce My Debt Software provides both! (Link to demo) Once we receive your debts we will optimize your monthly budget and advise how much you should pay to each debt according to your interest rates, then we will post another updated portal. We will also setup your SMS (text messaging) and e-mail alerts so you will know in advance when to pay each debt and send reminders until you confirm it’s paid. This reduces unnecessary late payments and more negative credit scoring. It is that easy! Also, we will send you more valuable debt accelerating techniques to increase your scores even more. You can be out of debt before you know it.

Business Credit Builder

95% Of Business Owners Make This Mistake!!!

Don’t Use Your Personal Credit to Support Your Business

Build Your Company’s Business Credit

Let us help you build a second or third credit profile!! How many credit profiles do you control? Do you have a PAYDEX score?

America is the greatest country in the world that allows a person to open a corporation and obtain a tax id  # for free!!! (Also know as an EIN or employee identification number) If utilized properly this 9-digit number has even more power than your Social Security number. This is because business approvals are 2-10 times larger than personal approvals. If you’re using your personal credit or personally guaranteeing to back your business finances, you could making a big mistake and you are putting your family’s assets at risk. Never forget 80% of all businesses still go out of business in the 1st 5 years. Having solid business credit can keep you out of that 80%!!!

Business Credit Features:

  • Have the luxury of controlling two credit profiles (business and personal profile)
  •  Business Credit is used under the business EIN (Tax ID #)
  •  We will build your company credit properly so you don’t get Red Flagged which will stop you from getting any approvals
  •  We have a proven system and relationships to trigger instant approvals required to build a strong file 
  •  Great for those with bad personal credit less than 720 (bankruptcies ok)
  •  We will help you build a solid 80 PAYDEX Score equivalent to a 720 FICO score.
  •  We will establish your Duns and Brad Street # at no extra cost
  •  Great for Start-ups or better for seasoned businesses


  • 30 minute intake session with your personal business credit technician    
  •   Immediate Guaranteed Approvals, Results in days
  •  Get corporate credit cards, including VISA and MC-NO SS# required. 
  •  Get vendor lines of credit and working capital dramatically improve cash flow
  •  Buy or Lease cars, computers office equipment and property without ever risking personal credit
  •   Obtain up to $50,000 Business Credit within 6-Months regardless of personal credit
Members can become approved without using their Social Security Number; without risking their personal credit,
or getting declined because of poor credit.

Apply today so you can benefit from having strong business credit


90-Day Credit Education Program

Our Credit Academy provides participants with expert training about the credit system. It provides material by email, which makes it easy to go at your own pace. Each training is designed to help build knowledge of the United States credit system. Knowledge is important because Credit has a major impact on our lives. The better credit is understood, the better someone can protect their credit profile.

Receive insight into the United States credit systems and learn new ways to protect your credit profile. This 90-day program teaches you in a self-paced format, so you can learn even with a busy schedule. Credit is very important to your future. Let us prepare you for a better future.  Register today.


Credit Experts Are Ready

Schedule an appointment today. Our expert Credit Professionals are available to review your credit profile and explain the benefits of our services.

Schedule an appointment today, so we can walk you through the enrollment process and program details.

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