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Kredit Koncepts is celebrating it’s ninth year helping Americans with credit recovery, credit building and credit protection. We have built a reputation for excellence by treating each client with empathy, as we diligently work to increase their credit score. Our honest application of experience and innovation, has allowed us to keep our promise to thousands of clients.

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The fact is that 70% of all credit reports have errors on them and these errors often stay on a your report for 7-10 years. We are experts in identifying and deleting accounts that are erroneous, inaccurate and unverifiable. Removing negative accounts gives clients the opportunity to provide a positive picture to lenders.


Having Insufficient credit or no credit is another challenge that millions of people face. Typically, when a person has major credit issues, lenders close existing accounts that have late payments and fall into collections. Therefore, we give our clients an instant guaranteed approval to begin rebuilding their credit profiles.


It’s not enough to restore and rebuild a credit profile. We teach all our clients “How To” tips on how to maintain great credit and protect their credit profiles in this age of identity theft which is the fastest growing crime in the country.

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Credit Builder

No Credit Check. No Inquiries. No Denials

Credit Builder

Our innovative “No Credit Check” Shopping Line is our ultimate Credit ReBuilding Tool.

Credit Builder Plus

Restore, Rebuild and Protect.

Credit Builder Plus

The Credit Builder + is our most effective tool for bringing credit scores up 100+ points.

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Free Credit Education

Receive insight into the United States credit systems and learn new ways to Restore, Rebuild and Protect your credit profile. This 90-day program teaches you in a self-paced format, so you can learn even with a busy schedule. Credit has become the new background check. Let us prepare you for a better future.

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