Rebuild – Seasoned Tradelines

Rebuild - Seasoned Tradelines

We have some exciting news about our Credit Building Program. We now offer Seasoned Tradelines!

Rebuild - Seasoned Tradelines

Seasoned Tradelines are an account that has an established payment history. The history can range from six months to 30 years. The length of the history the higher the limit the more it impacts your score. This also determines the price of the Tradeline.

Is this legal?

Lenders have used seasoned Tradelines for nearly 40 years. Adding seasoned Tradelines to your credit report to boost your score became a popular way to increase scores as a result of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974. This law allowed the process to attach positive credit accounts (tradelines) legally to someone else.

How long does it take to increase your score?

Once we have selected an appropriate seasoned Tradelines the score increase is immediate. As soon as the seasoned Tradelines hits your report, your score should increase right away. The real question is, “how long does it take to get the seasoned Tradelines onto my credit report?” This can take anywhere from 15 to 45 days. If adding the lines takes longer than 45 days, it may be due to company mismanagement, fraud alerts or security freezes on your credit report preventing the lines from posting, etc.

How much will my score increase?

How much your credit score will increase is impossible to answer without looking at your credit report. We’ve seen situations where our clients have gone from the mid-500s to over 600 with the addition of 3-4 seasoned Tradeline around $10,000.00 in limit and 3 years in age (in just 30 days). We have also seen clients’ scores increase about 40 points with the addition of 2 very substantial tradelines (over $30,000.00 limits and over 10 years of age). It depends on what’s on your credit report and the skill to select seasoned Tradelines to counter the negatives and improve your score.

What type of Tradelines are there?

Authorize users are an account on by a third-party that’s giving you access to the payment history and balances of the account to show up on your credit report.

How long does the Tradelines stay on your report?

Tradelines are only listed as “open accounts” on the report for 45-60. You can request an extension 5 days prior to the closing date for a fraction of the retail cost.

My Tradelines are posted, what now?

As soon as the Seasoned Tradelines are posted on your report, HIT THE GROUND RUNNING. Rember you have a limited time at the maximum peak of your new score, use it wisely.

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